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Test your Financial Crime instincts at the "Intuition Mission Game Show"

Test your Financial Crime instincts at the "Intuition Mission Game Show", a professional education hour that lets you measure your investigative instincts again real-world explanations for unusual customer transactions. The session uses redacted examples of scenarios in which anti-money laundering alerts led banks requesting information from customers and then validating the responses with research.


The format: Measure investigative knowledge, instincts and analytical skill against five financial crime alert scenarios. For each, the audience is tasked to make the fastest correct decision possible when presented with limited information. As each piece of data is revealed to the audience, each participant will vote on whether to make a verdict or get more information. As more data is revealed, points awarded decrease. Keep score at home to see where you rank in terms of FinCrime investigative savvy. Watch the webinar to learn to:

  • Know yourself: Measure investigative 'gut' instincts to establish confidence and vet decision making.

  • Know your sources: Understand how different sources present information, take care to consider unintentional as well as intentional bias, not to mention intent to deceive.

  • Know your tools: Add to the investigative tool kit - techniques, sources and methods used in the "game show" format are intended to spark creativity and imitation in learners

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