AITE-Novarica: Refine is a Game-Changer in Fintech


One of the best industry analysts in the field, Aite-Novarica, publishes a quarterly Fintech Spotlight sharing their insights about fraud, AML, and risk management technologies.

We’re proud to be featured in the Aite Q4 spotlight!

In Summary

Charles Subrt, analyst for Fraud & AML Practice and the author of the report added that Refine has the potential to significantly reduce the time and resources required for handling AML transaction-monitoring system alerts while improving quality and risk management posture.

The report profiled seven midsize fintech firms and fintech startups that provide solutions to financial institutions for fraud, AML, and cybersecurity challenges, including vendors that span product categories.


As a new company in the AML space, we’re thrilled to receive this vote of confidence from experts like Subrt and the rest of the Aite-Novarica Group team. “By deploying Refine Intelligence’s solution, financial organizations can achieve a high return on investment,” the report states.

The full report is only available to subscribers of Aite-Novarica through their website.

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