Refine Wins Banking Tech Award USA 2024 “Tech of the Future”

We are thrilled to share that our Digital Customer Outreach solution was selected for the 2024 Banking Tech Award USA in the category of Tech of the Future – Customer Outreach & Communication

These prestigious awards are for companies that are demonstrating genuine innovation with their solutions. By learning how our DCO solution solves a problem on a business level and seeing evidence of how DCO addresses the customers’ pain points, the judges determined that Refine’s unique “Catching the Good Guys” approach is setting a new standard in the industry. 

Additional award winners included industry giants such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, along with other technology vendors, all recognized for their ground-breaking contributions to banking technology.

Our representative at the event, Ayana Murphy, reported that the atmosphere was filled with excitement and optimism for the future of banking technology. Learn more about the award winners.