Catching the Good Guys with Aite Novarica

Financial crime has always been a constant fight, but fundamental shifts in both fraud and AML may require a new battle plan. Stakes grow higher as the threat of scams increases by the day, and developments like ChatGPT make it easier for any actor across the world to run high-quality local operations.

Financial services have never been expected to defend their customers against so many threats and fight on so many fronts, while facing operational constraints to do more with less.

In this webinar, Aite Novarica Group Head of Risk Insights and Advisory Julie Conroy and Refine Intelligence CEO and Co-Founder Uri Rivner discussed shifting landscapes, evolving threats, and new ideas on how to turn the tide.

Uri shares new insights and real-world case studies on how AML teams add a novel approach called “life story intelligence” to their arsenal, why they think modeling genuine customer behavior could be a game changer, and why fraud teams take notice as they develop their defense doctrine against scams.

Key topics:

  • New challenges in fraud and AML
  • The snowball effect of authorized payment scams
  • Social engineering in the era of Deepfake and ChatGPT
  • Do banks really know their customers like they used to?
  • Life story intelligence and the surprising benefits of “catching the good guys”