Digital Customer Outreach

for Check Fraud Prevention

Check fraud is surging, with a growing level of sophisticated counterfeit techniques. Check Fraud detection systems typically produce a massive amount of daily alerts at a high false positive rate, and the fraud team needs to resolve them in a very short period of time with very little context.

The best way to resolve the alert and prevent check fraud is to ask customers about those checks – but chasing them over the phone is an expensive, unscalable burden on the line of business and the fraud operations team.

Refine offers a solution – automated, digital customer outreach for Check Fraud!

60 seconds to complete an RFI response

Extremely high customer response rates

Reduce fraud loss


  • Works with any check fraud detection system
  • Scales up fraud prevention through high-velocity RFIs
  • Get immediate ROI as you reduce check fraud costs 
  • Let your customers validate their checks within minutes
  • Tailor the workflow and inquiries to your unique operational needs
  • Seamlessly scale your fraud operations with an automated platform

How DCO for Check Fraud Prevention Works

A digital RFIs is sent to the customer through multiple channels for each check to be investigated

Customer responds providing additional context in case the check isn't valid

Investigator views responses in bank portal and can analyze further

Tailored playbooks can be created based on each bank’s needs