Digital Customer Outreach

for AML Investigation Teams

Currently, bank outreach to customers is highly inefficient. Manual outreach via the branch, for instance, takes 16 days on average and 3.6 internal back-and-forth emails to receive a response for a flagged activity, and the process is high-friction, bias-prone, inconsistent and rarely tracked. Refine replaces that process with an automated, 100% consistent digital outreach that goes directly to the customer.

2 Min Response

instead of 2 weeks

Offloads 60%

RFI work from Line of Business 

More Explainability

means less risk


  • Boost completion rates to 85%
  • Complete AML outreaches in two minutes
  • Receive results instantly in a clear audit trail
  • Ensure consistent, objective, structured questions
  • Avoid bias, tipping-off risks, and customer friction

How Direct User Outreach Works

The customer receives a push notification through mobile push notifications, email and/or SMS depending on bank and customer preferences

The customer goes through a user-friendly digital interaction where they tap or click through options to explain the nature of the transaction, source of funds, and/or relationship to the beneficiary

Responses are automatically collected and shared instantly with the bank

The process works well for AML related outreach, as well as CDD/EDD and scam related investigations