Tradecraft 2: Generative AI for AML Professionals

Rio Miner

Are robots coming for your job or just going to make you more powerful?

This and more are discussed in this informative, on-demand webinar led by Rio Miner, Head of Intelligence at Refine, and a financial crime expert who earlier in his career spent over a decade fighting money laundering at Wells Fargo.

AML professionals need to understand what generative AI is and what it’s good at, as well as its limitations. You’ll gain insights into the future of AI tools and the evolving landscape of AML work in light of generative AI advancements.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand generative AI and how it can increase efficiencies
  • Explore its limitations and potential pitfalls
  • Address concerns about job security
  • A glimpse into the future of tools and the evolving landscape of AML work

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