Catching the Good Guys

A paradigm shift in fighting money laundering

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The Refine Platform

Powerful customer engagement tools and analytics that identify specific life events like selling a house, buying a car, or paying tuition, which explain common anomalies in customer accounts, and dramatically reduce investigation time.

Decrease Handling Time,
Increase Throughput for AML Teams

Speed Up Investigations

Two capabilities to quickly resolve most false alarms

Gain Context Quickly

User-friendly digital interaction with customers, to gain context without tipping them off.

Filter Out the Noise

AML alerts are scanned by our AI model, to instantly identify the legitimate life stories behind them. This allows the AML team to significantly reduce triage and investigation time and gain much-needed explainability.

Expose Bad Actors

Knowing what good typology looks like means that bad actors stand out. This helps your teams focus on the truly unexplained cases.

"Refine’s AML outreach is a total game changer for our Operations and Investigations teams. We used to wait days and often even weeks to get responses, and now we get them within hours. It’s a whole different ball game."

Chris Phillips, Director of AML Compliance, Valley Bank

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