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Catching the Good Guys

A paradigm shift in fighting money laundering


We reveal the life story behind AML alerts

Over 90% of anti money laundering alerts are false positives: anomalous transactions made by genuine people. Our solution automates financial crime investigations by mapping the life story behind transactional data.

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"It’s not often I see a new idea for which I can immediately see value"

Head of AML Analytics, Top 10 US bank

Life Story Intelligence

Our unique approach maps the life stories behind financial transactions, creating a baseline of good behavior against which our AI can benchmark alerts.

Analyzing Your Alerts

Your AML alerts are compared against our AI models, revealing whether or not they fit genuine life stories.

Filtering Out the Noise

False positive alerts are green-flagged and can be easily cleared away. The AML team has more intelligence and explainability, and can speed up or automatically triage the AML alerts.

Exposing Bad Actors

Knowing what good typology looks like means that bad actors stand out. This helps your teams focus on the truly complex and unusual cases.

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Increase Capacity, Not Headcount

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